Good Liar (goodliar) wrote in reversal_film,
Good Liar


Vo. 緋絽 ⇒ gossip
Gu. 賢 ⇒ n/a
Ba. 凌 ⇒ †
Gu. 伶姫 ⇒ KuRt
Dr. 学 ⇒ 彩冷える (サポート)

All former members of Visage have started new projects, except for satoru. I checked his personal homepage a few days ago and he said that he was 'scheduled' to be in a new band by the end of march. Of course I wish him luck!

However, this i also the end of this Visage-community. Please everyone, don't forget about this marvellous band. I am already working on a community for hiro's new band gossip. For an excellent KuRt-community be sure to visit juuran_circus.

That's all I guess. To all members of this community - thank you for joining!
ありがとうございました! m(_ _)m
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