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:: 日曜日 2004の11月07日 ~>「the reversal theater~反転思考劇場~」update <~

today's update will
contain a review of
visage's first cd album
「reversal film」, enjoy!

「reversal film」[2004.10.01] ★★★★☆
01. reverse
02. anticipate
03. 未練と闇 (miren to yami)
04. anonymity
05. ツメタイ花 (TSUMETAI hana)

(right click on the links to download the respective song)

01. reverse (1:13) ★★★☆☆
the first track on「reversal film」is reverse,
a perfect introduction to what will expect you
during the 19 minutes of「reversal film」's
running time. a very heavy metal-riff accompanied
by grunts and screams of hiro. reverse ends with
a long, bone-chilling scream of hiro and then nicely
blends into track 2...

02. anticipate (4:15) ★★★☆☆
this track is a typical visage song.
it starts of with a fast, nasty metal-riff and heavy
screaming and grunting of hiro. the bridge starts at
1:27 and has hiro talking ~ this goes on for about
twenty seconds until we get to the chorus.
now the chorus is sort of a let-down for me as
its melody is not that memorable.
after the 2nd chorus the song quickly winds down
and fades into the next track.

03. 未練と闇 (miren to yami) (4:36) ★★★★☆
miren to yami which translates into "regret and darkness"
is a lot better than anticipate as it shows us
a previously undiscovered side of visage.
it starts of with a very funky rhythm and very
pronounced bass-playing of ryou.
miren to yami is probably the least heavy track
on this cd as it maintains its jazzy rhythm
throughout the entire four minutes of its running time.
the nice chorus with hiro literally spitting the lyrics
at you and the nice guitar-solo make this a very
memorable song.

04. anonymity (4:46) ★★★★★
now i shall move on to my favorite track on the cd.
anonymity starts off with a heavy guitar-riff
and awe-inspiring vocals by hiro.
hiro's voice really shines on this song.. his voice
is so 'present' and i adore his smooth transitions
from falsetto to chest voice.
this track is dark and gloomy and it never lets
up for a second. the chorus is great and the song
ends with a cool drum-rhythm by manabu and
a short bass-lick by ryou.

05. ツメタイ花 (TSUMETAI hana) (4:44) ★★★★★
TSUMETAI hana, which literally translates
into "cold flower" is the only true ballad
on this cd. hiro's vocals on this song a
downright bone-chilling. he never fails to
amaze me with how much feeling he can put
into his voice. his ability to convey such
a wide range of emotions makes this song
especially memorable.
the chorus' melody is by far the saddest
of all the songs on this cd. forget what i said
about anonymity being my favorite track on this cd,
TSUMETAI hana beats it by far.
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