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「the reversal theater~反転思考劇場~」

a livejournal-community dedicated to the visual-kei band visage

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:: welcome to「the reversal theater~反転思考劇場~」
:: this community is dedicated to fans of and people who are intrigued
:: by the wonderfully dark and decadent music of the japanese visual-kei band visage.
:: to me it is not of any importance whether you really adore visage,
:: are simply intrigued by their image or are in love with one of the band-members.
:: anyone is welcome to join this community, so please do & help spreading the word about this wonderful band.
:: goodliar
:: ~木曜日 2004の11月04日~


【名前】緋絽 (hiro)

【名前】賢 (satoru)

【名前】凌 (ryou)

【名前】伶姫 (ryouki)

【名前】学 (manabu)

the reversal theater - banner

anonymity, anticipate, hiro, malie cureless, manabu, reversal film, reversal theater, reverse, ryou, ryouki, satoru, strange film, under code production, visage, visual kei, visual rock, ツメタイ花, ヴィサージュ, 伶姫, , , 未練と闇, 緋絽, 賢