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:: 金曜日 2004の01月24日 ~>「the reversal theater~反転思考劇場~」update <~

long time no update ^^;;
i finally got my hands on KuRt's first single 「折り畳み式おじいちゃん」
here's a little review:

「折り畳み式おじいちゃん」(oritatami shiki o-jii-chan) [2005.12.01] ★★★☆☆

01. 擾乱サーカス(jouran CIRCUS) (5:20) ★★★☆☆
starts off with distorted drums and blends into a heavy but somewhat groovy guitar-riff. the tenten starts singing and the song goes downhill =_= no really, i like what the other bandmembers do, but when listening to tenten singing i can really imagine him sitting in the recording studio with a totally red head nearly suffocating whilst singing. one positive thing that can be said about KuRt is that they're not as soft as i expected. starting around the 3:50 mark there's a very very cool latin-style acoustic guitar solo (thx so much ryouki *_*) which rounds this song up quite well.

02. ずぶ濡れジャンキー(zubunuwa JUNKIE) (3:57) ★★☆☆☆
this song could've been good with a different vocalist. tenten's singing is really disturbing in this song. fortunately enough ryouki makes up for it with a nice guitar solo. i think KuRt's problem is that the instruments all venture into different directions. this is actually a good thing but such bands require a good vocalist. with tenten responsible for the vocal duties KuRt should probably stick to song where the instruments support tenten's singing =_=

03. 折り畳み式おぢいちゃん(oritatami shiki o-jii-chan) (5:03) ★★★★☆
MUCH better! great instrument play and even though tenten's vocals are still quite shaky and off-key i really like this song. it's more melodic than the two previous tracks and has some very nice and calm moments. at 3:05 there's a very cool guitar solo by ryouki - definitely a highlight! in retrospect i can say that KuRt have a lot of potential. if they manage to stick to a style which equally accentuates tenten's voice as well as the other member's instruments they will definitely grow on you ^o^
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